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The Road Warrior Returns

Suddenly a couple of years later, I have returned.  In fact, I've really been on the road for all of this time.  My old site seems to have been overrun with spammers, so I've decided to do occasional updates and share some  of my travels in this new format.

I noticed that the old site wasn't updating the feed correctly for a while, so check out the Blog of the Road WarriorAs soon as I get some additional time, I'll see if I can add a few more interactive items to the site.

There are still quite a few more stories to tell, so stay tuned!  Safe travels!


On the road again!

Once bitten, I suppose it is only natural to have the urge to return to the uniquely challenging life of a road warrior.  It doesn't matter if you live out of a suitcase, or occasionally travel for your job.  Life on the road offers a unique challenge that breaks the monotony of the day-to-day routine. 

I invite you to check out my blog, and maybe you'll see me on one of those planes, trains, other vehicular conveyances out there.

Safe travels!

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